Tomorrow Will Be Kinder
The Secret Sisters
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Tomorrow Will Be Kinder by The Secret Sisters

Featured in The Hunger Games Soundtrack

A brighter day
is coming my way… hopetimelord
theguiltybluecore asked: "Someday when you wake up happy you'll thank the Lord that I'm gone."



Anastasia [Don Bluth] Sentence Meme

"Don’t say things like that, I’d be devastated if you went away."


He chuckled softly, dull sorrow lighting his optics.
"Don’t be, darling.. You’ll be alright, and you’ll be better off without me, don’t worry. "

Hope’s features hardened, it was almost disturbing-since she was never this serious. “Hey, stop that. Seriously stop it. Don’t even think like that, because it’s all wrong. I don’t have many friends, I have almost no friends. Almost, you’re like…My only friend. No, literally. Literally my only friend. Don’t pretend for a millisecond that I’d be better off alone again.”

hopetimelord asked: "I'll try to be more considerate next time I'm saving you!"



"Next time I won’t need saving!" Connie huffed, angry that she was - indeed - saved.


"Little girl in heels, yeah better off assuming she can’t fend for herself. I’m right, aren’t I? I’m so right!” Connie had half a mind to forgo accepting her apology and storm off - but… She was better than that. What kind of person would she be if she didn’t thank the person who’d saved her?

"Sorry. I get a bit tetchy. Usually people see me and think oh better help that one. Tight skirt and high heels, can’t possibly have her wits about her. Not that… you’d ever… Um… I’m sorry?”

Soooo wrong… ‘M only like a few inches taller than you, and anyway, do I really look like the sort to underestimate someone? I’m in flats for God’s sake!”

As the other finally realized that Hope wasn’t a giant jerk she exhaled. “It’s alright, I know what you mean. It’s happened to me too. I would’ve wanted help in a situation like that, regardless…I’m Hope by the way.” She offered up a hand to shake. hopetimelord



"Yeah, imagine opening the actual jug."

"Y’ got a hose?"


"And I’m not getting anywhere near that. Y’might need a mop, don’t have one of those either…”




Your guess is as good as mine. Luckily I carry this cool space
   outfit with me in case of just these kinds of emergencies. Hi,
   Barney Stinson, and really you should probably invest in a new
   security system if any bro with a margarita maker can get past it. 

That is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Where’d you even… Are your pockets bigger on the inside too? Uh-I’m Hope…Maybe I should. Swore I fixed it since the last time this happened…”

She placed a gentle hand on the console in front of her. Maybe the ship was trying to force her to make friends or something.

"Anyway, where d’you live? Earth I assume..Judging by the smell on you. But where exactly? Continent? City? Address? Where?

hopetimelord asked: "I'll try to be more considerate next time I'm saving you!"


"Next time I won’t need saving!" Connie huffed, angry that she was - indeed - saved.

Sorry for helping! But fine, if you wanna die next time. Fine,” she crossed her arms. Realizing her words were a little too harsh Hope went to apologize-without really apologizing. “Not that I think you couldn’t have saved yourself. Just looked like you needed help, alright?” leftstandiing
"To hurt is as human as to breathe."
J.K. Rowling, The Tales of Beedle the Bard (via xleftstanding) junkoandthediamonds


fun ask box meme: give me a tv show/movie/book/series etc and i’ll tell you if/when i cried yourweeaboobs

the different kinds of favourite characters


  1. my baby
  2. my husband
  3. my son
  4. let me ride you
  5. this motherfucker the-helmaroc-king1
  • Mun: Okay, we have a few drafts to do. We have one where you're in a fight, one where you're relaxing with a friend, and one where you're meeting someone completely new. Now, which one do you want to work on first?
  • Muse: *points at another character on the dash* I want that one.
  • Mun: No. That wasn't even one of the options. We need to work on your drafts first.
  • Muse: I want that one.
  • mun: but-
  • muse: THAT... ONE...
  • mun: I said no.
  • muse: I know where you sleep...
  • mun: I know how to destroy you...
  • muse: ...
  • mun: ...
  • muse: ...
  • mun: ... roleplay-memes

Secrets [Starter Sentences]

  • "Do you keep secrets from _____, too?"
  • "Everything is a secret with you; why?"
  • "Hm, secretive."
  • "I can't say, it's a secret."
  • "I don't just give my secrets away."
  • "I know your secret."
  • "Lies, secrets— that's all you're made of."
  • "Secrets keep us close."
  • "Sometimes I wonder if there's a real person behind all of your secrets."
  • "Tell me your secrets."
  • "That, my friend, is a secret."
  • "Two can keep a secret when one is dead."
  • "What do you want to know?"
  • "Why do you keep so many secrets?"
  • "You keep so many secrets." roleplay-memes

Lying [Starter Sentences]

  • "Do you ever stop lying?"
  • "Do you feel the need to lie about everything?"
  • "Every thing with you is just a constant stream of lies."
  • "For once in your life, tell the truth."
  • "How do you expect me to trust you when everything you say turns out to be a lie?"
  • "Stop lying to me!"
  • "Tell me the truth. Now."
  • "Why are you lying?"
  • "Why don't you ever tell the truth?"
  • "You're lying to me." the-lovely-primrose

Ella Enchanted Sentence Meme

  • "Our hero had no choice."
  • "I gotta work on that."
  • "She gives the worst gifts!"
  • "Now, where's the baby?"
  • "I give you the gift of obedience!"
  • "Take it back!"
  • "And if you're going to be ungrateful, I can always turn her into a squirrel."
  • "I always knew something was wrong with me."
  • "It's not fair."
  • "You must never tell anyone else."
  • "I don't want anyone using it against you."
  • "What's inside you is stronger than any spell."
  • "No, I said a man's home is his castle."
  • "So? He's dreamy!"
  • "My tongue itches."
  • "What's not to trust?"
  • "Are you a fast runner?"
  • "I don't need your chivalry, thanks."
  • "Why don't you do what your people usually do? Take my land and destroy my livelihood."
  • "I'll try to be more considerate next time I'm saving you!"
  • "What makes you think we'll see each other again?"
  • "You've been acting a bit odd, even for you."
  • "Maybe they were put up to it."
  • "I've done terrible things before, but this is the worst thing the curse has ever made me do."
  • "This book is my boyfriend."
  • "Who's this who thinks she's so tough?"
  • "I'm practiced in the ancient art of...origami."
  • "I would love to have dinner with you."
  • "I wanna be a lawyer."
  • "Because for a minute, I thought I was going crazy."
  • "They think we're a joke."
  • "Why? Cause he's a hunk?"
  • "Keep your mouth shut and don't move."
  • "Let him/her go!"
  • "Do you get a kick out of near-death experiences?"
  • "I'm kidding."
  • "Nobody should be forced to do things they don't want to do."
  • "I'm thinking I should come back when there's a little less drinking."
  • "I guess one more night couldn't hurt."
  • "I can't tell you what that would mean to me!"
  • "They say I got a lot of water in my brain."
  • "You're much prettier than I expected."
  • "Now I know what name to put on the restraining order."
  • "I wish I had brothers and sisters."
  • "Is that almost a compliment?"
  • "Kiss me."
  • "I'm not that short!"
  • "You could have been killed!"
  • "I'm going to ask her to marry me."
  • "Get off me!"
  • "Evil plans, remember?"
  • "You will take this dagger, plunge it through their heart, and kill them."
  • "I want to be king."
  • "We can't be together."
  • "You are one freaky chick."
  • "Would you care to dance."
  • "I'm about to do something horrible to someone I really like and might even love."
  • "Did I chain your butt to this tree, huh?"
  • "I just want to talk about us."
  • "Please tell me you never want to see me again!"
  • "Then why did you write me that letter?"
  • "And then you came along."
  • "I wish I could tell you everything."
  • "You wrote me a letter that ripped my heart out."
  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "What's important is what's in our hearts."
  • "They'll have to put to death immediately."
  • "They were just toying with your emotions."
  • "We have to find a way to get past those guards."
  • "I could kiss you!"
  • "Open this door before a sue you for everything you own!"
  • "Put the nice man down."
  • "I can't believe I'm saving you after you tried to kill me!"
  • "I should have disposed of you when I had the chance."
  • "Marry me?"
  • "Don't go breaking my heart."
  • "I gave you my heart." catchinguponlosttime

Munday questions!

  • ❤ - Your age?
  • @ - Your top 3 favorite celebrity crush?
  • ♞ - Five turn ons (sexual or not)?
  • φ - Five turn offs (sexual or not)?
  • Ç - Tumblr crushes?
  • æ - Random fact about the mun?
  • £ - Random fact about the muse?
  • ¥ - A photo of you?
  • ƒ - Do people ever mistake you for another age?
  • ñ - What is your ultimate OTP, broTP and nOTP?
  • ▒ - Do you need certain things to help you sleep (nightlight, fan, stuffed animal or blanket)?
  • Φ - If you could pick three people on tumblr to meet irl, who would they be?
  • ╕ - Things that annoy you on tumblr?
  • ╣ - Things that annoy you irl?
  • α - Muse's thoughts on mun?
  • ß - Mun's thoughts on mun?
  • Σ - Do people ever mistake you for a celebrity?
  • π - Relationship status?
  • σ - Anyone you have a crush on?
  • Θ - If you could have three wishes, what would they be?




           ❝Brilliant, isn’t it? The universe. It’s all…
              …right in front of you. Planets, galaxies, supernovas.
                All being born, living, and dying altogether.
                  Beautiful, where we are.

    Yeah…Though a display is probably-well-
light years away from what being up close
and personal to the real thing must be like.
I’ll bet it’s absolutely gorgeous.

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